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What is the difference between a label and a sticker?


Stickers and labels, while often used interchangeably, have distinct differences primarily in their purposes, materials, and uses.


  • Labels: Primarily used for identification, information, or instruction. Labels are commonly applied to products to display product information, barcodes, addresses, ingredients, or usage instructions. They are functional and serve as a form of communication between the product and the consumer.
  • Stickers: Typically used for decoration, promotion, or branding. Stickers are often designed to be eye-catching and are used to express personal or brand identity. They are used on personal items like laptops, cars, or notebooks, and for promotional purposes like giveaways at events or in marketing campaigns.


  • Labels: Often made from materials suited for durability and long-term use, such as vinyl, polyester, and BOPP (biaxially oriented polypropylene), which are resistant to environmental changes like temperature and moisture.
  • Stickers: Can also be made from similar materials as labels but often emphasize aesthetic qualities. Stickers may include more decorative elements such as vibrant colors, sparkles, or embossing to make them stand out.


  • Labels: The adhesives used in labels are generally designed to be stronger because they need to remain attached for the life of the product. They may also be designed to be removable without leaving residue, depending on the application.
  • Stickers: While stickers can use a range of adhesives, the choice often depends on the intended use—whether they need to be removable or permanent. Sticker adhesives are not typically as strong as those used for labels unless they are intended for outdoor use.

Use Cases:

  • Labels: You’ll find labels on food and beverage products, medical supplies, electrical products, and other consumer goods. They often need to comply with specific regulatory standards depending on the product.
  • Stickers: Used for personalization and branding, stickers might be handed out at a concert, included in a marketing kit, or sold as part of a merchandise set for bands, brands, or artists.

Understanding these differences can help in choosing the right product for specific needs, whether for practical labeling or creative sticker applications.

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