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How to correctly distinguish tire adhesive labels and standard PET labels


In the vast realm of labeling, there are a plethora of options designed for specific needs. Two types that stand out, especially in specialized industries, are the Tire Adhesive Labels and Standard PET Labels. Understanding the intrinsic differences between them is crucial for their proper application and performance.

Tire Adhesive Labels

Designed for the unique environment of the tire industry, these labels cater to the specific challenges presented by rubber surfaces:

Adhesion & Durability:

Tire adhesive labels possess a special adhesive that bonds firmly with the rubber surface, ensuring a lasting stick throughout the tire’s lifespan.

Flexibility & Conformity:

Given the nature of tires, these labels are crafted to conform to the tire’s curvature and flex without compromising their integrity.


Whether exposed to moisture, fluctuating temperatures, or road chemicals, these labels are built to endure, ensuring legibility over time.

Standard PET Labels

PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) labels, known for their versatility, serve a broad spectrum of applications:

Clarity & Finish:

Recognized for their clear appearance, PET labels are also available in colored variants, with a glossy finish that’s particularly appealing for branding and product display.


While PET labels are versatile in their adhesion capabilities, their bond might not be as robust on challenging substrates like rubber.

Chemical Resistance:

PET inherently resists many chemicals, making it suitable for containers holding various substances.

Choosing Between The Two & Cost Implications

The choice between tire adhesive labels and standard PET labels largely depends on the application. If you’re in the tire industry or any other sector that requires labels for rubber surfaces, tire adhesive labels are the way to go. Their specialized adhesive and durability ensure they perform optimally in such environments.

On the other hand, for general labeling needs, especially on plastic, glass, or cardboard surfaces, PET labels are more appropriate.

In terms of cost, tire adhesive labels might be priced higher due to their specialized nature and the challenges they’re designed to overcome. Standard PET labels, being more generic, might be more cost-effective for bulk applications.

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